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We are the stewards of God’s “things”; in our lifetime, we are given the privilege of managing and distributing that which is God’s. Those things include: our time, our talents, our resources, and our financial support. Thank you for being generous and responsible stewards by sharing what you have to further the mission of our church.

In addition to giving through the Sunday offering plate, please consider one of these alternative forms of electronic giving:

Online giving is an easy and convenient way to give financially to Opequon Presbyterian Church. It is safe and secure; all banking and credit/debit card information is secured by a well-known third-part payment processor (Vanco).

Here’s how it works:

Select from multiple funds (the list of available funds to which you can give will change throughout the liturgical year to include various Special Offerings).

Pay by eCheck (ACH) or with a debit or credit card. An eCheck is a transfer directly from a checking or savings account.

Give on a one-time basis or set up recurring payments.

We do incur a small fee for processing your gift electronically. You will have the option to add 2,65% for credit/debit cards or 1% for eChecks to your donation to help offset those fees if you would like to do this.

NOTE: It is impractical to list all the funds to which you could give. If the fund to which you wish to contribute is not listed, please consider sending your payment in via Online Billpay (below) or simply Give by Check (below).

additional ways you can donate:
Worship Candles


Online giving is an easy & convenient way to give financially. It is safe & secure; all banking & credit/debit card information is secured by a well-known third-part payment processor (Vanco).

In Person

Drop off your offering during Church Office Hours or a Sunday worship service.

Worship Beadles

BY check

Make check payable to Opequon Presbyterian Church and mail to 217 Opequon Church Lane, Winchester, VA 22602.

Worship Acolytes

bank bill pay

Continue reading on this page to learn more about giving through your bank.

BY text

Using your smartphone, text “OPC” to 73256.

LOGOS Youth Worship Practice

Giving Through your Bank’s Online Bill Pay


Bill Pay is a feature offered by most banks or software programs such as Quicken. there are several advantages to using your bank’s Bill Pay service but, the advantage is convenience, time savings, and, for many, overcoming forgetfulness. Donations can be made “24/7”, meaning any time, andy day that is convenient for you. Once the system is set up with your bank, you can specify an amount and the day you want it sent to OPC. Many find it even easier to set the payment amount automatically monthly and forget about it. Your bank simply sends a check to OPC on the date you specify.

How do I set up Bill Pay through my bank?


While each bank is a little different, the procedure is generally that same. If you have an online bank account, you log into it on your computer. There is usually a tab titled “Bill Pay” or somethin similar. Choose the tab and follow the instructions to set up a single or recurring donation to the General Fund in support of your pledge (though you need not pledge to donate). Using Bill Pay, you can also use the “memo line” to indicate any other special fund to which you wish your payment to be applied. You can always contact your bank for help in setting up your online account.

What is the cost to me or to Opequon Church?


The Bill Pay feature is available at most banks through your online account is usually free to the account holder (donor) and costs Opequon nothing. Note, however, that with Bill Pay the bank writes a check made out to Opequon and mails it to the church office, so the transfer of money to Opequon is not immediate and the check is recorded and included along with the other gifts that are collected on Sunday and received in the mail.

To utilize Bill Pay to donate your regular or special fund offerings to Opequon, go to the Bill Pay section on your bank’s website or software program and enter the following church information:

Name:  Opequon Presbyterian Church

Address:  217 Opequon Church LN, Winchester VA 22602

Phone Number:  540-662-1843

Account Number:  Offering Envelope number, or blank

Memo Line:  General Fund or whatever fund to which the offering is to be applied

Period of Pay You Choose:  One time, weekly, bi-monthly or monthly


Checks received by Bill Pay service are treated the same as any other checks received in the mail.

In Person
Bill Pay
Read More Bill Pay

2024 Generosity campaign

Generosity Fingerprint

Join us on Sundays at 10:00am for in-person & live stream worship during June, July, & August. Search for Opequon Church on YouTube or click here. We're located at 217 Opequon Church Lane, Winchester, VA 22602.

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