About us


Our mission is to prayerfully equip disciples of all generations to be Christ's hands, heart, and feet in the world.

We are part of a larger church body known as the Presbyterian Church (USA). We abide by the constitution of the PC(USA) comprised of our Books of Order and Book of Confessions of the PC(USA). We are a congregation of the Shenandoah Presbytery.


our church staff

David Witt Staff 2022
Julia Burkley Staff 2022
David Witt


Julia Burkley

Associate Pastor

Tracie Martin Staff 2022
Tracie Martin

Parish Associate

Carole Witt Staff 2022
Susan Homan Staff 2022
Bill Heavner Staff 2022
Carole Witt

Director of Christian Education

Susan Homan

Director of Music

Bill Heavner

Organist & Pianist

Ken Smiy Staff 2022
Robert Sydnor Staff 2022
Ken Smiy

Finance Administrator

Robert Sydnor


Laurie Carver

Nursery Coordinator

Rebekah Witt Staff 2022
Rebekah Witt

Director for Youth & Young Adults